Thursday, October 29, 2015

Campbell Family

This family!!! I just love 'em!

This session started as a 6 month milestone session for sweet little Colby but I was so excited that it turned into a family session....because this family is just adorable.

I met Chance and Maggie about a year ago at CrossFit. Maggie was pregnant with little Colby at that time and was still beating every one's times at the box. She is a true example of persistent fitness through pregnancy, I though she may have the baby at the box! She worked out right up to her due date I believe.

When they called me to do their newborn pictures I was thrilled! Dad is a firefighter and I was excited to incorporate that aspect of their life through pictures. This is and will always be on of my favorite shots...I just love it!

Fast forward 6 months and here is that sweet little boy today....

His smile just melts my heart! And below are some of my favorites from our family session....

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Maffe Family

I get so excited when I book return clients! I love watching these kiddos grow :)

I did little Stori's newborn pictures about six months ago and the whole family just returned for a mini session last week. Stori is still a tiny little girl and oh so cute! And her brother......he was squeezable cute. I would ask him if he would or could do a certain pose throughout the session and his answer was always "Of course I can!" ADORABLE!!

Great meeting the entire family this time!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lawhorne Family

Ever known someone for a very short amount of time but feels like you have known them forever? That's about how I feel about this family!

I met this family a several months ago through mutual friends. I knew right away they were going to be such a fun family...and they are! Lots of laughs through this session and can we talk about the dog?? Little Chewy was so well behaved and acted like a little model for us, always looking at the camera. So cute!

Meet the Lawhorne family....

Father & Son

I was so excited when I got the call for this session. Dad wanted to surprise his wife for her birthday by getting pictures taken of him and their son .....umm how awesome is that! Because it was a surprise we had to be very sneaky about scheduling the shoot and making sure I didn't post any sneak peeks online.

He pulled it off and from what I hear she was so surprised and loved it! What a fun secret ;) I am excited to finally share them!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bandy Family Session

I just loved this family! It wasn't difficult to get great shots when this family is so gorgeous! The kids cracked me up, they were full of energy....when are we going to learn how to bottle that energy?? And I have to take a minute to talk about this dog, Izzy was one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever had in a session. She was also one of the sweetest!

So when I have young kids in a session, I try to transition quickly through different poses and areas. This keeps them on the move and makes it a little more fun for them. I also try to let them do their own thing when "posing", often times that's when I snap the best shots. These two were full of personality so it was easy to capture some great ones.

Little Cole could not wait until the end of the session because Mom promised him he could put his new cowboy hat on and strap his new pistols around his waist for a picture. He rocked those pics, you could tell this was his FAVORITE part.

They were all so fun and the sweetest!

Baby Wyatt

This little cutie was in the studio last week! Meet Baby Wyatt, he just turned 4 weeks old :)

We had so much fun in the studio, little Wyatt didn't want to sleep at all during the session....he was afraid he may miss something I think. When babies don't want to sleep, we just have to be patient and roll with whatever he tolerates from us. This is the part that I like....because I get to hold and snuggle them more! Ha!

We wore him out that day, the session lasted a little over two hours so I am sure he slept good for Momma the rest of the day. I told them that he was probably going to dream about being put in baskets, boxes and other silly poses.....the things we put our kids through to get pictures! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lewis Family Kiddos

Another fun session!

These two were pro's at posing! What a gorgeous evening for this photoshoot, the sunset lighting was fantastic. I am really loving the fall colors this year. Last year I was still living in Pennsylvania and I forgot how beautiful Virginia's fall seasons are.

These two are so sweet and I was so excited when they scheduled their session. It is always fun to capture photographs of family and friends. I was in love with just about all of the shots I took! They made my job easy :)